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Video Depositions
In Focus Video Productions Services
Zoom Conferences (online depositions)
Video-Text Synchronization
A videotaped record of a deposition offers several advantages. First, a videotape shows clearly the facial expressions and posture of the witnesses. Second, physical injuries such as burns, scars, or limitations can easily be demonstrated. Third, a videotape may have a greater effect on a jury if portions of the deposition are introduced at trial as evidence. We use broadcast quality video equipment and can produce your video in most popular video formats. 
Online depositions are more popular, not only do they save your client time and money, but in most cases no special equipment is necessary.  If you have a laptop with a webcam and can connect to the internet, then you are ready to go!
Digital video synchronization at one time was expensive and difficult to use. You needed your "video-guy" to edit and sync a 2-minute clip and you usually needed it "yesterday".  With the advances in technology,  now anyone with even little computer skills will have the ability to quickly access, edit and present video depositions. We are an official YesLaw Reseller which means that we can give you the tools to produce professional looking edited videos!  For Importing instructions please see below.
If you don't see the service you need listed here call us,  we probably can do it. If not, we have a  network of videographers we can contact who have access to products and information.
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